Often customers will unnecessarily replace a worn or damaged carpet at great expense which in about 80 percent of cases I could easily repair.

Examples of such a carpet repair would be carpet burns, worn areas (Including stairs) stains, pet damage and the stretching of loose badly fitted carpets.

Repairing carpets has made up a large part of my workload in the 36 years that I have spent as a carpet fitter. Over time I have built up a lot of experience in repairing carpets and I can usually achieve good results with repairing carpets in most cases.

Even if you do not have any spare carpet to hand that could be used for a carpet repair then sometimes i can 'Steal' a piece from inside a cupboard or perhaps from underneath a piece of furniture.

Carpet burn repair and replacing otherwise damaged or worn patches are usually carried out by a method called cut and plug. Having a carpet repaired in this way involves me cutting out the damaged area and then replacing it with an undamaged piece which has been cut to shape and is then glued or hand sewn into place to complete the repair.

Flights of stairs will often have plenty of life left in them except perhaps for a step or two near the bottom, which may be showing signs of wear. If you have any spare off-cuts or pieces of the original carpet then it is a simple matter for me to cut out and replace individual worn steps.

Perhaps your stair carpets match those in the rest of your house and are showing signs of wear, whilst the rest are still in good condition. I can easily 'cannibalise' the carpet from a spare room and use it to completely replace a worn flight of stairs.

Please feel free to call me to discuss the possibilities, as simple carpet repairs such as these can extend the life of your carpet considerably and delay the need for costly replacement, often for many years.

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